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Managed 24/7

Our team will manage and support your server 24/7/365. We will take care about backups, regular OS security updates, server optimization, proactive monitoring, hackers attacks detection and elimination - so you can fully focus on your business


Choose suitable Plan with resources required at the moment. You will be able to scale your Cloud up and down in the future, or temporary upgrade Cloud on daily basis if high traffic is expected due campaign, site promotion or other event. Read more...


Thanks to full virtualization for Linux your Cloud server will have dedicated IP address, private hardware: a network card, disk, CPU, Memory, that is isolated from other virtual machines, so your websites and applications, unlike shared hosting, are running in isolated and secure environment


With Olvy Cloud you get a hosting environment exceptionally optimized and fine-tuned to achieve highest performance and security standards for your websites. Our team will build individual and flexible software stack on the Cloud server to meet all your projects requirements

Powered by Linux

Olvy Cloud Servers are powered by Linux-based OSs: Debian, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux. As very reliable Operating System Linux became a standard basis for hosting numerous web applications and CMSs. Powerful tools like SFTP and SSH command-line help developers to work on the projects with maximum efficiency

Olvy Europe

Olvy Managed Cloud is available to setup in 11 European regions, in 8 countries: London - UK, Madrid - Spain, Paris - France, Gravelines - France, Strasbourg - France, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Frankfurt - Germany, Nuremberg - Germany, Warsaw - Poland, Stockholm - Sweden, Helsinki - Finland



Managed Olvy Cloud Platform

Fine Tuned And Ready To Host Any Web Application Just Out Of The Box


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Effective Managed Cloud

Effective Managed Cloud

Powerful instances with the best performance-cost ratio. Effective for any applications


Effective For Any Applications

Managed Cloud with the best performance-cost ratio. Instances with balanced combination of CPU, RAM and Disk resources are effective for any applications from a small blog to a CPU-intensive E-commerce.

From Basic to Powerful

Start with 2 GB RAM, 2 vCPUs and 40 GB SSD for your new project and, if required, grow up to Dedicated vCPUs plans with 64-192 GB RAM, 16-48 Dedicated vCPUs gradually. Or choose suitable Plan with resources required for your project at the moment. You can always contact Olvy Support to get advice.

Popular Olvy Cloud Plans

Main Locations in Europe: Nuremberg (Germany), Helsinki (Finland)

Extra Locations in Europe: London (UK), Gravelines (France), Strasbourg (France), Warsaw (Poland)








Standard Managed Cloud

Standard Managed Cloud

Instances with balanced compute resources at a lower cost. Optimal for applications that can handle variable levels of CPU


Optimal For Most Applications

Standard Managed Cloud with burstable performance and balanced combination of CPU, RAM and Disk resources is optimal for most applications from a small blog to a growing eCommerce. You can always find proper Plan with the best value of price and performance

From Small To Big

Start with 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU and 25 GB SSD for your new project and, if required, grow up to 64 GB RAM, 16 vCPUs and 1280 GB SSD gradually. Or choose suitable Plan with resources required for your project at the moment. You can always contact Olvy Support to get advice.

Popular Olvy Cloud Plans

Locations in Europe: Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland)








CPU-Optimized Managed Cloud

CPU-Optimized Managed Cloud

Instances with Dedicated vCPUs and 1:2 ratio of CPU to RAM. Optimal for CPU-intensive applications


Optimal For CPU-intensive Applications

CPU-Optimized Managed Cloud is perfect to run latency-sensitive and CPU-intensive applications. You may need it for your dynamic web application, like E-commerce, when high traffic or specific calculations require consistent computing resources and high CPU frequency.

Guaranteed Performance

Instances with dedicated vCPUs and 1:2 ratio of CPU to RAM, from 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM and 80 GB SSD to 48 vCPU, 96 GB RAM and 1920 GB SSD. You can temporarily upgrade from Standard Cloud to CPU-Optimized Cloud just for period when high traffic is expected, and return back to Standard Cloud then.

Popular Olvy Cloud Plans

Locations in Europe: London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany)








Managed Block Storage

Managed Block Storage

Expand storage on your Cloud Server by attaching scalable SSD-based Volume from 10 GB to 10 TB


  • Scalable. Increase size of block storage volume as you need, without server reboot or downtime.
  • Independent. Block storage volume is managed independently from cloud server and can be attached to any your server in the same data-center.
  • Highly-available. Block storage volume use 3x replication to ensure your data is highly-available.


* Block storage is available in the European locations:  London, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Helsinki




Managed Olvy Cloud Platform

Powered by Hetzner, OVHcloud, Linode, Vultr

Available Globally

Hetzner, Linode, Vultr and OVHcloud Data-centers are located in North America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia.

Wide Range

Wide range of virtual machines plans that meet any requirements, from a small blog to a complex E-commerce solutions.


Using Hetzner and Linode Platform, Olvy Cloud provides a possibility to resize virtual machines Up and Down without server re-setup.

PCI DSS Compliant

Linode and Vultr companies are PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, therefore Olvy Cloud servers are setup in the PCI DSS compliant Data-centers.



Available In 11 Locations, 8 Countries In Europe


Europe Map

  • Madrid – Spain
  • Paris – France
  • Gravelines – France
  • Strasbourg – France
  • London – UK
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Frankfurt – Germany
  • Nuremberg – Germany
  • Warsaw – Poland
  • Stockholm – Sweden
  • Helsinki – Finland



Levels Of Management

Get All Benefits From Managed Hosting


Un-ManagedManagedFully Managed
You don’t need anyone to help – you are a sysadmin. You will keep OS, applications updates and server security under own controlYou need backups, regular OS security updates, server optimization for best performance, Control Panel to handle user’s level thingsYou don’t want to be a sysadmin. Let our Dedicated Support team to Manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on your business
Linux based OSDebian, Ubuntu, Rocky LinuxDebian, Ubuntu, Rocky LinuxDebian, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux
MonitoringProactive: Network & hostProactive: Network & host, reactive: Cloud VPSProactive: Network & host, reactive: Cloud VPS
Server Speed Up and OptimizationNginx, Memcached, PHP tuning, MySQL/MariaDB tuningNginx, Memcached, PHP tuning, MySQL/MariaDB tuning
OS Update & Patching
Server Security
Root Access
Control Panel
DDoS Protection
Premium Support (dedicated support team for daily tasks)


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